Specialist accommodation

Suitable, safe and secure accommodation for specific needs

Specialist accommodation

Introducing our offer

We work closely with local authorities to provide quality accommodation in the right locations for people with specific needs, be it requiring wheelchair access, additional security, space for counselling, or short term for specific needs like cold weather accommodation.

What to expect

  • All our accommodation is supplied with the specific cohort of residents in mind, so that they can feel safe and comfortable in our accommodation
  • Our staff are experienced and fully trained to work with sometimes vulnerable and chaotic residents. All staff also have to complete mandatory safeguarding training
  • All our processes from check-in through to invoicing have been designed with local authorities and their customers in mind – we take as much of the hassle of the process as possible away
  • We provide 24/7 maintenance to fix problems day or night
  • All maintenance is undertaken by our own employed team of maintenance professionals
  • Our services provide value for money
  • Before anything, we listen to you and then provide homes based on your requirements

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