£3k For 3k

We’ve done it! We’ve hit 3000 followers on LinkedIn and we want to celebrate and say a big thank you to all our followers.

£3k For 3k

To both celebrate and say thanks for helping us hit the 3K milestone we’re getting behind our mission to create ‘better partnerships’ across the sector as we all work to deliver ‘more than’ together.

So, in line with that we’re offering three small, local charities a chance to secure a share of £3k to help them do ‘more than’ for all those they support in their community. We know that support can look very different in different sectors and for different individuals, groups and families, so this is a very flexible £3k for 3K.

The celebrations will see us share our £3k for 3k award between three small, local charities that promote mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, reduce social isolation, and do their best to provide help for vulnerable individuals and families who are experiencing multiple-disadvantage. Ultimately we really do want to help empower our local charity partners to do be able to do ‘more than’ for those who need it most.

What’s the £3k for 3k Deal?

To mark this amazing achievement and all your help in getting there, we want to hear from you, our small charity partners and champions! It’s a really simple application process and all we’re asking each charity to do is tackle a question that’s close to our hearts:

“How do you, your charity and your team do ‘more than’ for those who need it most?”


Why £3K for 3K?

Because our journey to 3,000 followers is not just about numbers- it’s about partnership, community and making a difference. At the heart of every great community effort is the spirit of those doing ‘more than’ to help those who need it most.

So with us offering three small charities a share in our £3k for 3k grant, we’re not just giving money; we’re investing in their passion, innovation, and dedication to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in their community.


 Who is Eligible to Apply?

-Charities tackling homelessness.

-Mental health charities.

– Charities supporting young people who have adverse childhood experiences
– Charities helping those facing multiple-disadvantage in their community.
– Domestic Violence Support Charities.


The Application Process.

  1. Craft your application-Let your words reflect the soul of your charity and why you do ‘more than’ for those in need in 500 words.
  2. Then tell us how you do ‘more than’ as a charity for those who need it most in another 500 words
  3. We would also like to know what your efforts to provide ‘more than’ has achieved in the final 500 words.
  4. Double check to be sure you’ve really told us how you go ‘above and beyond’ for those in need- show us what makes your charity stand out!
  5. Then submit your application to The Housing Network.
  6. Wait for the magic to happen- we’ll review the entries and select three outstanding charities to receive £1,000 each.

Deadline & Details

All applications should be submitted to marketing@thn.co.uk. The deadline for submissions is Monday 3rd June, 2024 at 5pm.

For more information, please contact us


Let’s Make an Impact Together.

With £3K for 3K, we’re turning our milestone into a meaningful opportunity for change. Let’s continue to grow and inspire each other by supporting those who embody the spirit of doing ‘more than’.

Ready to join us in making a difference? Start turning in those applications- we can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories!