Actively Seeking even more Guaranteed Rent Landlords

We work together with our landlord and local authority partners across the UK to help those most in need to escape the trauma of #homelessness.

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Actively Seeking even more Guaranteed Rent Landlords

We offer all of our Landlord Partners:

  • Responsive Account Management – No Waiting for Answers
  • Rapid Onboarding Process – No Delays and Reduced Voids
  • Regular Inspections – Keeping your Property in Good Condition
  • Long Term 3-5 Year Leases – Stable and Assured Income
  • Professional In-House Repairs Team – Taking out the Hassle

Hassle Free Letting & Guaranteed Rent

We recognise that private and corporate landlords have a lot of responsibilities, costs, and on some occasions (as a result) stress; especially in light of the significant and rapidly changing legislative and legal obligation landscape.

Our professional and experienced team help all of our Landlord Partners to ensure that their:

  • Homes are Safe and Legally Compliant – Taking into account the latest Fire, Asbestos, Legionella and Gas Safe Legislation
  • Properties adhere to all necessary Licencing Requirements – Particularly for Shared Accommodation and HMOs
  • Rental Income is Guaranteed – With us taking on responsibility and liability for the Management of Any Void Periods
  • Neighbours are Assured and Informed – Providing Intensive Housing Management  and (where necessary) Community Engagement
  • Tenancies are Hassle Free – Avoiding issues around Eviction or ASB through Proactive Resident Engagement and Licences

With our overall local and central government funding models eliminating the risk of bad debts and arears. Assuring all of our Landlord Partners a truly guaranteed rent income, without the need for them to collect and/or manage rent payments from individual tenants.

Why Choose Us?

We know that being a landlord can sometimes be both challenging and demanding, however by letting your property to us on a long term agreement, you’ll benefit from guaranteed rental income without fail and even better, your property will be maintained and looked after by our experienced and professional in-house maintenance department 24/7 – no more Friday afternoon maintenance headaches.

At the end of our agreement, if for some reason you choose to take back your property, we pledge to return your property (minus the usual wear and tear) as you provided it to us, giving you peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands – it’s a win-win for you, for us and for all of the vulnerable individuals and families that your property will help us to help.

We’ve included our Landlord Partnership for your Info T&C’s

Providing Good Quality Homes

We are a specialist housing expert and trusted housing provider, meaning our landlord partners rest easy knowing that their properties are helping provide  good quality and safe places to call home.

With over 40 years’ experience behind us, we provide self-contained temporary and long term accommodation, supported shared  accommodation and specialist accommodation for those in our communities who need us most.

We know that doing things well and going above and beyond benefits not just our residents, but our landlords too, which is exactly why we are actively seeking even more Guaranteed Rent Landlords !

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As one of our 1500+ Landlord Partners you will be protected against:

  • Loss of Rental Income – Avoiding Bad Debts or Arears 
  • Legal Eviction Costs – Through our Fully Managed Service
  • Problem Tenants – With us Managing All Aspects
  • Tenant Damage – With Assured Quality of Repairs
  • Void Losses – With our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

What an amazing scheme! We are truly helping some of the most unsupported and vulnerable people in society.

Cara W
Support Worker

It is hugely rewarding to be able to house and support residents in Edinburgh. I know how much we are helping many of these households

Dennis – Property Manager

The Housing Network are a pleasure to deal with – they have done exactly what they said they would and we are comfortable recommending them to our landlords

Edinburgh Estate Agency

He is so grateful and thank you so much for securing that place!

Ester B
Certified Probation Professional

We want to partner with local authorities and other organisations to provide professional and innovative solutions to the housing crisis

Gary Teper

Edinburgh is a notoriously difficult city to find properties in, but The Housing Network exceeded my expectations by supplying good quality accommodation which has helped our service users hugely

Homelessness and Housing Support Services
Edinburgh City Council

Your background and professionalism gave us confidence that The Housing Network could supply HMO properties alongside self-contained units

Housing Manager
Coventry City Council

The Housing Network seems to genuinely understand the cohort and has the ability to deal with issues

Housing Manager
Coventry City Council