Our offer

Specialist housing expert and registered provider to support your housing strategy

Our offer

There for you with more than a roof

We are a specialist provider in the temporary and licenced accommodation space and are experienced working with local authorities and their residents.

We have experience in supplying large numbers of properties, whether self-contained or shared accommodation to local authorities within a short timeframe.

We also have extensive experience and the infrastructure to ensure the accommodation provided is of a high standard, is properly managed, cleaned and maintained, and that we can provide relevant MI as required.

Where required we supply more than just a home – our property managers visit properties regularly and are experienced in working with residents to provide practical, day-to-day help that makes a difference to them and in turn local authorities.

And of course, we provide properties at competitive rates managed through transparent systems and processes which are designed to make things easy and efficient.

“We believe that when vulnerable people have a good home and a helping hand, they become more independent and rely
less on local authorities. That’s our focus”

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