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We work in in partnership with over a hundred local authorities and government bodies on our mission to provide “more than a roof” for those who need it most.

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Where We Work

Working Together to Change lives

We believe that when life’s at it’s toughest, everyone deserves a safe and stable place to rebuild their lives. We also recognize that our landlords are invaluable to us as YOU help us to achieve our goals of providing ‘better accommodation’ and ‘better support’ to some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our communities – right across the UK.
Currently, we have an urgent need for homes of various types and sizes in areas across the UK and we are actively seeking even more guaranteed rent landlords to join our existing 1500+ landlord partners – so that together we transform lives and create opportunities.
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We currently operate in Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Enfield, Islington, Lewisham, Westminster and Richmond; partnering with each council to provide safe and sustainable housing solutions for our residents in #London. We offer Temporary accommodation and Supported temporary accommodation in these areas.
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West Midlands

We are currently providing accommodation and support to individuals and families in these communities, with an almost constant requirement for us to provide more places to call home for those who have experienced (or at risk of) #homelessness:
  • Birmingham Central, South and North East
  • Solihull & Coventry
  • Dudley & Sandwell
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West Midlands

North West

As our strategy develops and the reputation of the positive impact our services deliver grows, we are experiencing more and more demand in new areas. The most recent of which being in Liverpool, where we are providing emergency accommodation for individuals and families who are experiencing #homelessness – working in partnership with YMCA Together and their local specialist support team.
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East Midlands

We provide a significant amount of accommodation and support to both individuals and families in the East Midlands, working with our landlord partners to provide a safe and stable place to call home where they can rebuild their lives.
Right now we are actively seeking all types and sizes of properties in these areas:
  • Derby City & Chesterfield
  • Dronfield
  • Bolsover & Swadlincote
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East Midlands


We have a dedicated team in Scotland committed to our goal of helping to #endhomelessness in our community. They provide temporary accommodation, supported shared accommodation and long term self contained housing for local individuals and families in Edinburgh.
Our experienced team help all of our residents to identify barriers that may be preventing their progression towards independence, helping them to make tangible changes through our provision of ‘better support’ in combination with ‘better accommodation’ alongside our landlord partners.
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South East & South West

Although the South East and South West are two of our newest regions, we are expanding rapidly and helping an ever growing number of individuals and families who may otherwise be facing the impact and trauma of #homelessness.
We provide a range of accommodation and support in these areas, including self contained properties that also serve as long term accommodation for vulnerable individuals. With an almost never ending demand for more good quality properties that we can use to help those who need us most in these areas:
  • East Sussex
  • Southampton
  • Chichester
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South East & South West