Strategy 2024>29

Homelessness: The Missing Piece

Homelessness Today

Homelessness is the visible sign of the symptoms at its cause. It affects individuals, families…and destroys lives. New research shows  that more than 271,000 people are recorded as homeless in England, including 123,000 children; 3,898 people are sleeping rough in England on any given night and the number of individuals rough sleeping has increased by more than a quarter for two years in a row. Solving homelessness and its impact is a complex topic and requires different pieces to come together at the right time.

As an organisation that firmly upholds its purpose to provide ‘More than a Roof‘, our Strategy 2024>2029 will see us provide that missing piece in our pursuit to end homelessness.

Our strategy 2024>29 will see us work effectively as a team to deliver 10,000 units of safe and inspiring accommodation into 75% of Local Authority areas across the UK!


Outcome Focused

Operating right across the UK( from Scotland to the South Coast), our team of 175+ dedicated professionals provide accommodation and support to over 5300 vulnerable individuals and families every single night – within self contained, supported and specialist scheme homes.

Alongside our 100+ Local Authorities and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) partners, we work hard to design and deliver person-centric solutions that meets the needs of our commissioners, communities and of course, our residents – always striving to ensure best value and effectiveness.

Using the Lived Experience Voice to shape our journey, we will provide Better Accommodation that is safe, Impactful and diverse while offering Better Support that empowers our residents, giving them access to opportunities.

We intend to do this by building Better Partnerships that improve our outcomes and as we continuously improve throughout our journey, we will create a Better Business that helps us  mitigate risks while effectively managing sustainability and growth.