More than a Voice

We are on a mission to understand how it feels to live within the service we deliver.

More than a Voice

What is More than a Voice?

There is a huge difference between delivering a service and living within it. Our commitment to capture the value of “expertise by experience” helps us understand that.

More than a Voice aims to include the voice of our residents in our unwavering ambition to ensure we develop better services, better relationships and together, achieve better outcomes,


The Lived Experience Voice

Meet Patrick. Patrick is a great example of the lived experience voice.

Patrick came into our supported shared accommodation provision in Leicester where he worked with our Support Worker for emotional support, financial signposting and budgeting helping him successfully move onto his own accommodation.

Check out this short video to hear from Patrick himself.

The Principles

Inform- Explain the Service

Consult- Actively Seek Feedback

Engage- Start to Influence

Co- Produce- Work in Partnership


Starting Our Journey

The first step on our journey was to invite a number of ambassadors from across our services to help us shape and design the project by addressing two key questions.

What are we already doing well?

What could we do better?

We are committed to ensuring we support our ambassadors as we work hard to “listen, learn and involve” them in our development.