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Helping reduce homelessness

Ministry of Justice

How we helped the Ministry of Justice

We were awarded the Community Accommodation Service tier 3 (CAS3) contract by the Ministry of Justice, in the East of England, to help the Government with their shared objective of reducing reoffending by ensuring that prison leavers aren’t released from custody homeless. People leaving prison without stable accommodation are nearly 50% more likely to reoffend. The East of England was one of five early adopter sites for CAS3 which is now planned for national rollout.



People who leave prison without stable accommodation are almost 50% more likely to reoffend. Getting them into stable housing provides the platform they need to find work and access treatment for addictions and mental health problems which are also proven to reduce the risk of reoffending.

CAS3 is a new tier of community accommodation, providing basic, transitional housing for up to 84 nights for prison leavers and who are at risk of homelessness. The aim of the service is to ensure that no one leaves prison under the supervision of the probation service without the offer of a place to live and a pathway to settled accommodation.


The Housing Network was selected through a competitive tender process to partner on the CAS3 contract from the Ministry of Justice in 2021 because of our commitment to providing more than a roof. All our accommodation is of a good standard and exceeds the minimum requirements specified by the Ministry of Justice. The additional support services that we provide makes the difference and helps people turn their lives around.

The flat is absolutely beautiful and neither of us could believe it.


He is so grateful and thank you so much for securing that place!

Ester B
Certified Probation Professional

What an amazing scheme! We are truly helping some of the most unsupported and vulnerable people in society.

Cara W
Support Worker


Bed spaces have been provided over the contract and over 1,200 monthly contacts made by our 15 dedicated specialist staff members


Individual contacts with residents per month


Individuals accessing the program per year


The specialist team of field-based staff supporting the service