North Northamptonshire Council

Providing support for vulnerable and complex rough sleepers

North Northamptonshire Council

How we helped North Northamptonshire Council

Complex rough sleepers often need full-time supervision and support.



North Northamptonshire Council needed a temporary accommodation solution for duty homelessness cases and complex rough sleepers with staffing on-site, 365 days a year.


We established Seen & Heard with North Northamptonshire Council to provide just this. Our 18-bed home provides temporary accommodation with the added support of 24 hours staffing and security.

“It was especially welcome that the entire process from go-ahead decision until the first clients were safely accommodated took just over two and a half weeks. This was critically important, as we needed to get these vulnerable people off the streets and into a warm and safe environment before the really bad weather set in.”

Cllr Andy Mercer - North Northamptonshire Council’s Executive member for Housing and Community


Service users moved into more settled or independent accommodation


Bed-homes providing temporary accommodation


Hours staffing and security


Complete mandatory safeguarding training of staff