Portsmouth City Council

Next Step Accommodation Plan, move-on out of hotels and B&Bs

Portsmouth City Council

How we helped Portsmouth City Council

In March 2020 the government implemented the Everyone-In scheme, which meant over 50,000 rough and near rough sleepers in the UK were placed in self-contained accommodation, mostly in hotels.



By August 2020, Portsmouth City Council needed to move those individuals into shared and self-contained accommodation.


In August 2020, we sourced and supplied 60 HMO rooms and 30 self-contained studio/one-bed properties for Portsmouth City Council allowing them to move over 90 individuals out of hotels and place them in safe and appropriate accommodation.

“When Portsmouth City Council needed to move a large number of service users out of hotels and B&Bs, The Housing Network supplied safe and secure accommodation in an incredibly short period of time”

Terence, Head of Property Sourcing


Separate properties supplied within a 5-week period in Portsmouth


Shared support accommodation units provided


Self-contained studio/one-bed properties delivered


Individuals rehomed from hotels into safe and appropriate accommodation